$100-A-Week Motel

by Dan Denton

Dan Denton’s “$100-A-Week Motel” is a hallelujah chorus of proletariat madness, and a fine, sweet madness it is. In this modest motel, the circus comes to town, love is possible, sudden heroes wait to punch the time clock and ashtrays overflow with twice smoked twisted butts. There is a cheap bible hiding inside the table at the bedside of every room of this motel that among others, contains the outlaw gospels according to Charles Bukowski, F.A. Nettelbeck, and Fred Voss; the poetic catechism of ordinary saints. And if you press your ear to it, spirituals of the divinely real can be heard inside an earful of peeling paint. Come, let Dan Denton take you to his burning river where you can meet the practitioners of a sincere and wounded faith found only in the lobby of this $100 a Week Motel.

S.A. Griffin, from his foreword. Author of “Dreams Gone Mad With Hope” and editor of “Outlaw Bible of American Poetry.”

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