John Albert

John Albert grew up in Southern California. As a rebellious teenager in the late 70s. He co-founded the influential Goth-punk band Christian Death. He was drafted into drumming for Bad Religion for a time, and, in typical fashion, taught himself to drum. After a court-mandated rehab stint, Albert found success as a writer focusing on the rough edges of life in his beloved Los Angeles. Albert contributed feature articles and essays to numerous regional and national publications as well as literary journals and anthologies. He frequently wrote about the lives of his hard-bitten and hilarious cohorts. “Hardball” for the LA Weekly, earned Best of the West Journalism’s Best Sports Writing Award in 2000 and developed into the critically acclaimed memoir Wrecking Crew.
John passed on May 3, 2023.

RUNNING WITH THE DEVIL: Essays, Articles, and Remembrances available now