Pleasant Gehman

new author photo by Christina L. Hughes

Pleasant Gehman is a true renaissance woman: writer, dancer, actor, musician and painter.A Hollywood icon, during the 1970’s, she was one of the first punks in Los Angeles, documenting the scene she helped create in her fanzine “Lobotomy”. During the 1980’s, she toured across North America fronting her three bands, all of whom released recordings: The Screaming Sirens, The Ringling Sisters, and Honk If Yer Horny. She was also the booker for the seminal Los Angeles clubs Cathay De Grande and Raji’s.

Since the early 1990s, Pleasant has performed under the stage name Princess Farhana, she has appeared internationally and a professional belly dancer and burlesque performer and teacher. She has danced and acted in numerous motion pictures, in music videos, and on television. She has appeared in many documentaries on belly dance and burlesque, performing and as an interview subject. In 2009, she was the star of Steve Balderson’s film Underbelly: A Year In The Life Of Princess Farhana which was released worldwide in theaters as well as on DVD.

Her latest books: Rock ‘N’ Roll Witch  and  ‘Showgirl Confidential: My Life Onstage, Backstage and On The Road‘  are available now on Punk Hostage Press.