Todd Moore

Todd Moore was born and raised in Freeport, Illinois.  No stranger to the violent and down trodden life he described in his noir poems and the Dillinger epic, Todd Moore grew up in a brothel/transient hotel.  His father was a railroad man, a fireman, a bagman, a numbers runner, an acquaintance of Capone, and an aspiring novelist. About his childhood Moore has written: “By the time I was twelve I was a street thief and a damned good one.  I’d already seen a guy who’d hanged himself and had nearly been cut in a knife fight. In some ways it was both the best and the worst of times.”  He’s written / published 100+ books of poetry and prose in the small press community and is widely recognized as a co-founder of the literary movement known as “Outlaw Poetry” with fellow writer Tony Moffeit.
Moore established a reputation for himself when he began writing and publishing books about outlaw John Dillinger in 1978 up until his death in 2010; a manuscript that numbers a thousand plus pages in length. 
He is survived by wife Barbara, sons Theron and Jason, and two grandchildren, Emma and Jake.  

by Todd Moore, Dillinger Thompson