Moth Wing Tea

by Dennis Cruz

“How do we translate the unspeakable language of grief? In the short, harrowing lines of MOTH WING TEA, Dennis Cruz gives us his answer. This is the poetics of survival: no adornment, no romanticizing; only the simple, methodical imagery of a poet saying out loud. The juxtaposition of fresh paint, chrome, and a suffering body. The world as explained by one who knows there is more to this life than simply getting up for work. The unvarnished descriptions of violence. The voice of Dennis Cruz weaves together a patchwork of tragedies into a manifesto for poets in the 21st century. As the poet says: “the fear was never/meant/to dissuade you,/but only/to heighten/your senses.” Read this book, and get to work.”

-Rich Villar, Executive Director, Acentos

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