by Jack Grisham

This collection of streetwise encounters is an esoteric submergence in a world gone mad, taken to its limits, then taken a bit further down the road for a ride that will send some chills up the spine of the most jaded cynic, yet give relief to the most beaten down souls in search of redemption. Jack Grisham creates a perspective that can easily be identified with, but seldom gets the opportunity to have a voice of its own, especially so clear and distinct a voice as it is given here, in line after line, all throughout every narrative, from every angle.

The stories in this collection come punctuated with the edgily artful illustrations of Scott Aicher. Each piece gives dimension and representation to the story and helps to make the book into a moving visual experience that conquers the senses by setting them free to envision this world that is outlined in the story, but accentuated in the artwork as well. The result is a tandem realization of the wordsmith and the graphic design into a singular vein of trajectory that helps launch the mind of the reader full tilt into the cosmos and back. Scott Aicher has definitively captured the essence of the writer’s intentions and has connected them in a way that makes for some vivid projections that illuminate what even the blind dog can’t see.

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