All That Shines Under The Hollywood Sign

by Iris Berry

In “All That Shines Under The Hollywood Sign” Iris Berry pays tribute to Los Angeles and reflects her love of Hollywood and its history. Capturing the feel of old Hollywood, and the melancholy of its demise. From those who dreamed of stardom at Schwab’s drugstore, to the memories of driving uncrowded streets and the inhabitants that roamed them. This book takes us to the heart of a vital era of music and art that changed modern culture. Iris takes us on a journey, using prose and poetry, to revisit those days of freedom and rebellion, joy and despair. ALL THAT SHINES reflects her experiences and insights to some of her adventurous times growing up on the streets of Hollywood in the golden era of the LA punk rock scene. Her voice is clear and compassionate, as she documents a lost chapter in this everchanging city.

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