Iris Berry

Iris Berry is the co-founder of Punk Hostage Press. She is a native Angeleno who writes about her personal experiences from the sun-baked asphalt and violence on the streets of Pacoima to running away to the allure of mid 70’s Hollywood at the age of 15, to looking for a better life against the historical backdrop of the Los Angeles skyline.  Her poetry and prose, as well as her performances in such memorable groups as the Lame Flames and the Ringling Sisters, are an integral part of L.A.’s contemporary literary movement. She has recently featured articles and interviews in Slake, her most recent being an in-depth interview with Art Kunkin, the founder of the Los Angeles Free Press back in the early 60s. Her latest book, The Daughters of Bastards‘, features some of her most intimate work she has shared with the public to date. A working title that she has compiled these personalized stories under for the last 10 years, these poems and stories represent a grappling with the idea of origin and the drift that occurs when the umbilical has been cut and the search begins for what might have been lost at the beginning.The Daughters of Bastards‘ reflects her experiences and gives insight to some of her adventurous times growing up on the streets of Hollywood in the golden era of the LA punk rock scene. Currently a member of the Board of Directors for Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center. In 2009 she received her 2nd certificate of merit and achievement from the City of Los Angeles for her contributions as a Los Angeles writer, historian, and the charity work she has done, producing large-scale fundraising events for various charities.