Anarchy At The Circle K

by Patrick O’Neil

Anarchy At The Circle K is literally a punk tour-de-force. An in your face gut-wrenching, and at times humorous, tale of Patrick O’Neil’s stint as a roadie, road manager, and drug addict during punk’s heyday of the 1980’s. Crisscrossing the highways of America, on tour with such influential punk bands as Dead Kennedys, TSOL, Flipper, and Subhumans. O’Neil writes a brutally honest and no holds barred memoir depicting the sleepless nights behind the wheel, never-ending string of decrepit night clubs, a plethora of ruthless promoters, depressing dressing rooms, copious amounts of cheap beer, clandestine drug buys, riotous crowds, intense violence, inadvertent OD’s, and seedy motel one night stands. This book is an insider’s look at life on the road from back in the day and you’re along for the ride.

“Patrick O’Neil brilliantly describes the insanity of touring with a punk band in the 80s. Like his last book, Gun Needle SpoonAnarchy at the Circle K is a page-turner, except that I had to keep stopping to catch my breath. How does he remember it so well when he was out of his skull? I can barely recall, and I was (mostly) sober. For me this book was like PTSD therapy, with forgotten incidents brought back by O’Neil’s bemused, smirking prose.” — Klaus Fluoride, Dead Kennedys

“Patrick is an authentic storyteller, and I consider him one of my oldest friends. He is and was the real deal, funny, friendly, smart, and tough. Few could tell this story, let alone live it and survive. His recall of all the people and places… is nothing short of miraculous as most of us who were there struggle to remember in such color and texture. Anarchy at the Circle K brought me back to a wild, free, and reckless time when we toured relentlessly and when anything seemed possible. We were a band, a gang, and a family always headed to the next town. Chris Grayson and Patrick were our crew. We inherited them from Dead Kennedys. Chris the soundman has passed (RIP), Patrick continues on and I think he still has a lot to say.”—   Mike Roche, T.S.O.L.

Anarchy at the Circle K is an insightful view that you don’t get or think about when you’re in the band—all the personnel, bands, girls, drugs, promoters, and venues. The rise and fall, the WILL to take it all, and do what ever it takes to get the band and gear to the next gig, and score the D… Patrick O’Neil, the man is a juggernaut. Thanks for not sugarcoating the shit!” — D. H. Peligro, Dead Kennedys

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