Rock ‘N’ Roll Witch

by Pleasant Gehman

Whether she is frantically recalling Siouxsie & The Banshees lyrics in order to get the words to the Lords’s Prayer right to chase away a bedroom-invading poltergeist, or discovering that under the façade of a haunted amusement park lies a real haunted amusement park, Pleasant Gehman, in Rock ‘N’ Roll Witch, takes us on an often thrilling, often hilarious, always entertaining journey through her supernaturally-soaked existence. And therein lies the catch. In these pages, Pleasant performs a jujitsu flip on the old expression, “seeing is believing.” As the book clearly illustrates, it’s not that she sees what she believes… It’s that she believes. So she sees. And you will too!

-Dana Gould

Emmy Award winning writer, The Simpsons

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