by Nadia Bruce Rawlings

Introduction by Michele McDannold
Cover design or artwork by Geoff Cordner
Edited by Iris Berry

SCARS is a reminder. Though they fade through time, how they got there never changes. You can make up other stories. You can pretend they’re not there. You can douse the memories in one addiction or another, warping the present right along with the past. Still, even in the dark–the raised, rough skin of a scar won’t be denied.

Only a brave, beautiful soul could yield so eloquently on the page to the raw truth of despair, survival, and finally–triumph. Nadia Bruce-Rawlings is one such person. The following pages will evoke a range of emotions. You may feel disturbed. If you have a heart at all, you’re going to cry–one of those consuming, cleansing cries that we all need now and then. On the other side, we come to a deeper understanding… and for many, perhaps, not an appreciation but an acknowledgment–a sweet acceptance–of all our scars.

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