Days of Xmas Poems

by A. Razor

“Tis’ the season…being born on December 25th can give you a little insight into the biggest shopping holiday in the world. The insight is never a complete overview of anything at all, other than all the things a child gets sold on that wash away into lost dreams for the adult. There is the religious and the agnostic approaches, there is the atheist experience of self, inside of a world turned inside out over the rhetoric of fantastical tales from yore. Then there is the heartbreak side, the coal in the stocking, the overworked and underpaid that Dickens couldn’t save. I melted it all down and smeared it inside my skull for the world to see. Merry Xmas and all that comes with another winter wonderland of splendor before us now”.

~ A. Razor, December 2014

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